I missed quite a few sessions. Here’s what I heard about them in case you’re considering watching the videos.

Programming Clojure, Smalltalk-Style

Appealingly elegant bootstrapping idea. More of a demo. Not much in the way of technical details.

HoneySQL: SQL Queries as Clojure Data Structures

Nothing surprising with this talk.

Data Science in Clojure

Good to give you an idea of the landscape. Pretty solid speaker.

Design and Prototype a Language In Clojure

People accidentally create programming languages so maybe you should take the time to do it properly.

Composable Healthcare

Not so much about Clojure and the technology.

Games and 3D Graphics in Arcadia

Pretty cool. Still pretty fresh. Probably ready for prime time in a year.

Creating Beautiful Spreadsheets With Data and Templates

Pretty good.

Generating Art In Many Worlds

Very cool. Introduced a mathematical concept and turned it into imagery, and kept expanding.

Exploring Programming Clojure In Other Human Languages

Adapting Clojure to an Intro CS Classroom

Joys and Pains to Write a Clojure Curriculum for Beginners

Debugging Clojure Code With Cursive

Purely Random

Life of a Clojure Expression

Domain Specific Type Systems

Pattern Matching in Clojure: Best Practices